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Improving your squash game shouldn’t be all work.

Squash Retreats combines world-class destinations with coaching by world squash champions and the world’s most prestige PSA tournaments. 

Improve your game by working with legends of the game:

Squash Retreats


El Gouna International Retreat

El Gouna, Egypt

April 22-27, 2024

Paris Squash Platinum Retreat

Paris, France

September 17-22, 2024

Tournament of Champions Retreat

New York City, United States

January 19-24, 2025



Join us for six days of play and competition coached by squash legends.

Squash Retreats takes squash and you to the most glamorous destinations in the world. Start your day coached by squash world champions as you play and compete. Spend the afternoon watching the world’s best squash players compete. Finish the day dining in the best restaurants the city has to offer.

New York City

Highlights 2023

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Squash Retreats


“Train squash. Play squash. Watch squash. Enjoy Broadway. Sightsee. Eat. Make new friends. What else can I say? The Tournament of Champions Retreat in New York City was everything I expected and more. Would definitely do this again!”.

Brian Gill
Salt Lake City, Utah
“An absolute first class experience—the facilities, the accommodations, the food, and of course the squash…everything about the Squash Retreat in New York City was 5-star. Not only do you get to spend hours on the court with some of the best players of all-time, you get the opportunity to build real friendships. Can’t wait for the next one!”.
Brock Saunders
Richmond, Virginia

El Gouna, Egypt


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